Dear Parishioners,

Welcome, Home!

We are so excited to see your faces in Church and to reunite with our beloved community.

As we transition back to Mass in Church we will run a few more weeks of these resources before we phase them out completely.

For now, please enjoy the following resources to assist you in worship.

  1. This week’s bulletin
  2. Readings, Commentaries and Prayers
  3. Praying With Children
  4. Daily Mass Responses for the 25 – 30 Oct
  5. Reflections for teens & Reflections for Young Adults

Before you go…
This weekend we celebrate World Mission Day and we encourage you to read about Catholic Mission, *Churai and her family below.

Catholic Mission, as the Australian agency of the international Pontifical Mission Societies, work on behalf of Pope Francis to support Church‑run mission programs around the world. Thanks to the generosity of Australians like you, last year we were able to support vital programs that were impacted by COVID‑19, allowing them to adapt and continue their work supporting those in need. As an example, our faithful supporters helped empower children and young adults with disabilities through the Arrupe Centre in north‑western Cambodia. Because of their support, children and young adults with disabilities like Chen and Dara are able to receive practical care and support to live empowered lives.

This year, we invite parishioners to support the essential work of the Good Shepherd Sisters in Bangkok, Thailand. The Good Shepherd Sisters have a mission to build partnerships that promote the dignity and human rights of all, especially women and children. In doing so, the Sisters run a variety of projects, including a Mother and Babies Home, which offers pregnant women and young mothers support, community, and training.

You will hear the compelling story of Churai*, who turned to the Mother and Babies Home run by Sister Chalaad, after experiencing difficulty at home. By providing a loving home, a community of women from similar backgrounds, parenting skills training, and pre-and post‑natal medical care to women like Churai, the Good Shepherd Sisters are supporting women and their babies to help them create a better future. However, the Home can only keep supporting vulnerable women and their babies through the generosity of others. Through this appeal, parishioners are given the opportunity to help continue this vital work in Thailand.

2021 World Mission Month Appeal | Catholic Mission – YouTube

We encourage all parishioners to give generously today
to help continue this life-giving program
Please donate online at
or by text ’GIVE’ to 0488 854 436