Dear Parishioners,

Happy Fathers Day to all who shepherd us in the right way.

Please see the links to our latest news and worship from home resources. I have also added teens and young adult resources, please let me know at if you wish for these to continue.

A link below (number, 6) is a new update for all who are on our Parish Roster, staff, and volunteers in any ministry group.

  1. Bulletin 5 Sept
  2. Praying with Children
  3. Resources for teens N23ORSUB_exp_teen & Young Adults N23ORSUB_exp_yadult
  4. Readings 5 September 23 ORD Readings, Commentaries and Prayers
  5. Daily Mass Sheets for 6 – 11 Sept
  6. New Safeguarding Update 2

Image Credit: LiturgyHelp